2021 Spring Algorithms Lab Seminar

Chair : Dahye Jeong

Date Time Location Title Speaker
2021/01/08 11:00~12:00 B2-101 LP-type Problem Seungjun Lee
2021/01/15 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Derandomization Taekang Eom
2021/01/22 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Diameter of Unicycle Graphs Mincheol Kim
2021/01/29 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimum-link C-oriented path Byeonguk Kang
2021/02/05 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Two Center for Convex Polygons Dahye Jeong
2021/02/19 10:00~11:00 B2-101 Partitioning Polygon with Holes Jaegun Lee
2021/02/26 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Extended Corridor Structure Taehoon Ahn
2021/03/05 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Tentative Prune and Search Jaehoon Chung
2021/03/12 11:00~12:00 B2-101 k-center for Skylines Taekang Eom
2021/03/19 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimum-Link Rectilinear Paths for Triangulated Rectilinear Domains Chanyang Seo
2021/03/26 11:30~12:30 B2-101 Solving Graph Problems with Deep Q-Learning Seungjun Lee
2021/04/02 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Intersecting Disks using Two Congruent Disks Byeonguk Kang
2021/04/16 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Optimal L1 Farthest Neighbor Search with Rectangular Obstacles Mincheol Kim
2021/04/23 11:00~12:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021]Approximating the (Continuous) Frechet Distance Dahye Jeong
2021/05/07 11:00~12:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021]Classifying Convex Bodies by their Contact and Intersection Graphs Jaehoon Chung
2021/05/14 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Rearrangements of Given Points in the Plane Taehoon Ahn
2021/05/21 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Deterministic Algorithms for 2-d Convex Programming and 3-d Online Linear Programming Chaeyoon Chung
2021/05/28 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Rectangular Partitions of a Rectilinear Polygon Hwi Kim
2021/06/04 11:00~12:00 B2-101 2-center for Imprecise Points Byeonguk Kang
2021/06/18 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Convering a Convex Polygon by Two Congruent Disks Jongmin Choi
2021/06/22 16:00~17:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] On Guillotine Separable Packings for the Two-dimensional Geometric Knapsack Problem Seungjun Lee
2021/06/25 15:00~16:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] Sublinear average-case shortest paths in weighted unit-disk graphs Taekang Eom
2021/06/30 10:00~12:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] Complexity of Maximum Cut on Interval Graphs
[ESA2019] Universal Reconfiguration of Facet-Connected Modular Robots
Chanyang Seo
Byeonguk Kang
2021/07/02 10:00~12:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] Polygon Universal Graphs
[SoCG2021] Stabbing Convex Bodies with Lines and Flats
Mincheol Kim
Dahye Jeong
2021/07/07 12:00~13:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] Online Packing to Minimize Area or Perimeter
[SoCG2021] Approximate Nearest-Neighbor Search for Line Segments
Taehoon Ahn
Jiwoo Park
2021/07/09 17:00~18:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] Faster Algorithms for Largest Empty Rectangles and Boxes
[SoCG2021] On Ray Shooting for Triangles in 3-space and Related Problems
Jaehoon Chung
Hwi Kim
2021/07/14 10:00~11:00 B2-101 [SoCG2021] Chasing Puppies: Mobile Beacon Routing on Closed Curves Jongmin Choi


2021 Spring Lab Seminar