2020 Fall Algorithms Lab Seminar

Chair : Jaehoon Chung

Date Time Location Title Speaker
2020/09/18 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Coresets Jaehoon Chung
2020/09/25 12:00~12:50 B2-101 Cole’s Parametric Search Jongmin Choi
2020/10/08 10:00~11:00 B2-101 Fattest Rectangular Partition of a Rectilinear Polygon Region Hwi Kim
2020/10/16 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Covering and Piercing Disks with Two Centers Byeonguk Kang
2020/10/23 10:00~12:00 B2-101 WALCOM Review All
2020/10/30 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimum-Link Shortest Paths for Line Segments amidst Box-disjoint Rectilinear Obstacles Mincheol Kim
2020/11/06 14:00~16:00 B2-115

PART 1: Davenport-Schinzel Sequence and Application

PART 2: Largest convex polygons amidst polygonal obstacles

Seungjun Lee

Taekang Eom

2020/11/13 10:30~12:00 B2-101

PART 1: ML for Combinatorial Optimization

PART 2: Largest empty slab in convex polygon

Hyunjun Kim

Jaehoon Chung

2020/11/27 10:30~12:00 B2-101

PART 1: Optimal Rectangular Partition of a Rectilinear Polygonal Region

PART 2: Chan’s Randomized Optimization

Hwi Kim


Taehoon Ahn

2020/12/04 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Polygon & Polyline Simplification Dahye Jeong
2020/12/11 11:00~12:00 B2-102 Basic Concept for Quantum Machine Jongmin Choi


2020 Fall Lab Seminar