2024 Spring Algorithms Lab Seminar

Chair : Chaeyoon Chung

Date Time Location Title Speaker
2024/01/02 16:00~17:00 B2-101 Introduction to Quantum Algorithms Suengjun Lee
2024/01/05 11:00~12:00 B2-101 The minimum area convex packing of two convex polygon Mook Kwon Jung
2024/01/10 16:00~17:00 B2-101 Maintaining information in fully dynamic trees with top trees Taekang Eom
2024/01/12 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Covering a pointset by two Disjoint Rectangles Jaegun Lee
2024/01/19 B2-101 Voronoi Diagrams in the Hilbert Metric Minju Song
2024/01/23 B2-101 Parametric Searching Seokyun Kang
2024/01/26 B2-101 Orthogonal Range Searching on the RAM Geunho Kim
2024/01/30 B2-101 The Flip Diameter of Rectangulations and Convex Subdivisions Hyojeong Ann
2024/02/06 B2-101 Lower bounds to Helly numbers of Line transversals to disjoint congruent balls Chaeyoon Chung
2024/02/13 B2-101 Watchman route problem Byeonguk Kang
2024/02/20 B2-101 Optimal algorithm for higher order Voronoi diagram Taehoon Ahn
2024/02/27 B2-101 Epsilon net Theorem and Cutting Lemma Mook Kwon Jung
2024/02/27 B2-101 Randomized technique for solving implicit LP problems Taekang Eom
2024/03/12 B2-101 Decomposing a polygon into simpler components Hyojeong Ann
2024/03/12 B2-101 The minimum convex container of two convex polytopes under translations Seokyun Kang
2024/03/19 B2-101 A Linear-Time Algorithm for the Geodesic Center of a Simple Polygon Minju Song
2024/03/19 B2-101 Approximate Range Queries for Clustering Geunho Kim
2024/03/26 B2-101 An Optimal Randomized Algorithm for Maximum Tukey Depth Taekang Eom
2024/03/26 B2-101 Ordered Stabbing Chaeyoon Chung


2024 Spring Lab Seminar