2023 Spring Algorithms Lab Seminar

Chair : Chaeyoon Chung

Date Time Location Title Speaker
2023/01/13 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimum Box Partition Hwi Kim
2023/01/20 11:00~12:00 B2-101 A (1+𝜖)-approximation algorithm for 2-line-center Chaeyoon Chung
2023/01/27 11:00~12:00 B2-101 LR-visibility in polygons Byeonguk Kang
2023/02/09 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Hopcroft’s Problem, Log-Star Shaving, 2D Fractional Cascading, and Decision Trees Taehoon Ahn
2023/02/17 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Crossing number, pair-crossing number and expansions Mook Kwon Jung
2023/02/24 11:00~12:00 B2-101 An FPTAS for an Elastic Geometric Shape Matching with Cycle Neighborhoods Suengjun Lee
2023/03/03 11:00~12:00 B2-115 Efficient Multi-Robot Motion Planning for Unlabeled Discs in Simple Polygons Jaegun Lee
2023/03/17 11:00~12:00 B2-115 Placing your Coins on a Shelf Minju Song
2023/03/30 15:25~16:25 B2-115 Online TSP with predictions Jaehoon Chung
2023/04/21 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimum arrangement of graphs Hwi Kim
2023/04/28 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Space-efficient Data Structure for next/previous larger/smaller value queries Geunho Kim
2023/05/12 14:00~15:00 B2-301 Topologically Sweeping an Arrangement Chaeyoon Chung
2023/05/19 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Trajectory Visibility Byeonguk Kang
2023/06/02 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimizing distance-to-sight Taehoon Ahn
2023/06/16 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Simplifying Inclusion-Exclusion Formula for a Union of Geometric Objects Taekang Eom
2023/07/05 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Maximum overlap of two convex polyhedra under translations Mook Kwon Jung
2023/07/14 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Dynamic Connectivity in Graphs Hwi Kim
2023/07/28 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Online routing in triangulations Jaehoon Chung
2023/08/11 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Linear time algorithms for linear programming in 𝑅^3 and related problems Minju Song
2023/08/18 11:00~12:00 B2-107 A new tree decomposition of unit disk graph Geunho Kim
2023/08/25 11:00~12:00 B2-106 Reflection Helps Guarding an Art Gallery Seokyun Kang


2023 Spring Lab Seminar