2022 Spring Algorithms Lab Seminar

Chair : Jiwoo Park

Date Time Location Title Speaker
2022/02/25 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Approximating Convex Polygons by Histogons Jaehoon Chung
2022/03/04 11:00~12:00 B2-101 An Expander-based Approach to Geometric Optimization Hwi Kim
2022/03/18 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Rearranging a sequence of points onto two lines Taehoon Ahn
2022/03/25 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Self-improving Algorithms for Convex Hulls Suengjun Lee
2022/04/01 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Average Case Constant Factor Time and Distance Optimal Multi-Robot Path Planning in Well-Connected Environments Haeyoon Yang
2022/04/22 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Shortest Beer Path Queries in Outerplanar Graphs Taekang Eom
2022/05/13 09:20~10:00 B2-101 Guarding Terrain Byounguk Kang
2022/05/27 11:00~12:00 B2-115 Approximating Convex Polygons by Histogons Jaehoon Chung
2022/06/03 11:00~11:30 B2-115 Farthest-point Voronoi diagrams in the presence of rectangular obstacles Taehoon Ahn
2022/06/03 11:30~12:00 B2-115 Proposal Rehearsal Jongmin Choi
2022/06/10 10:30~11:30 B2-115 Ph.D Defense Rehearsal Haeyoon Yang
2022/06/24 10:30~11:30 B2-115 Line Transversals of Balls and Smallest Enclosing Cylinders in Three Dimensions Chaeyoon Chung
2022/07/01 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Minimum Perimeter-Sum Partitions in the Plane Mook Kwon Jung
2022/07/08 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Computing Continuous Dynamic Time Warping of Time Series in Polynomial Time Jaegun Lee
2022/07/15 11:00~12:00 B2-101 A (2 + epsilon)-Approximation Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set of Rectangles Hwi Kim
2022/07/29 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Potato Peeling Seungjun Lee
2022/08/12 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Geometry Problems in Real Jongmin Choi
2022/08/19 14:00~14:20 B2-101 Uniformly Monotone Partitioning of Polygons Revisited Hwi Kim
2022/08/19 14:20~14:40 B2-101 Approximating Convex Polygons by Histogons Jaehoon Chung
2022/08/26 11:00~12:00 B2-101 Tiling with Squares and Packing Dominos in Polynomial Time Taekang Eom


2022 Spring Lab Seminar