11th Korean Workshop on Computational Geometry

POSTECH, South Korea
June 23-27, 2008

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The 11th Annual Korean Workshop on Computational Geometry will be held at POSTECH in Pohang, South Korea. The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for researchers working in computational geometry to discuss and work together on research problems. We hope to have active discussions and to work together on research problems, in particular in, but not limited to, the area of computational geometry.

1 Travel information

Arriving Korea through Incheon airport

We recommend you to take a (limousine) bus or airport train (AREX) to Gimpo airport, both taking 35-40 min.

  • To find out the list of limousine buses heading to Gimpo airport, visit bus routes and type "Gimpo" at the 'Destination' field.
  • Information on airport train can be found at AREX. Train stations at Incheon and Gimpo are located a bit off the airports (it may take 5-10 min. on foot from arrival/departure hall), it would be more convenient to take limousine bus.

Domestic flight schedule can be found at Gimpo airport.
* The last flight from Gimpo to Pohang departs at 15:50. If you cannot catch the flight, you can

  • take flight from Incheon to Daegu (TAE) departing at 19:20. Daegu airport is roughly 1 hour distance from Postech by car. If you take the flight, please let us know so that we can arrange a taxi for you.
  • or take limousine bus (or AREX and subways) to Seoul station and change to train there. To find out the list of limousine buses heading to Gimpo airport, visit bus routes and type "Seoul Station" at the 'Destination' field.
    See "From Seoul".

Arriving Korea through Gimpo airport

There are four flights from Gimpo (Seoul) to Pohang airport everyday (flight schedule).


To Departure   Arrival   Airline
Gimpo   Pohang      07:00 07:50 Koreanair
Gimpo Pohang 08:40 09:30 Asiana
Gimpo Pohang 14:05 14:55 Asiana
Gimpo Pohang 15:50 16:40 Koreanair

Arriving Korea through Gimhae airport

There are (limousine) buses at the airport that are heading for Gyeongju express bus terminal (bus schedule) 11 times per day. Then either you take a taxi (to POSTECH) or walk to Gyeongju intercity bus terminal and take a bus (Gyeongju->Pohang).

From Seoul

There are a few options, but the easiest and most convenient one is to go to Gimpo airport by subway (or bus), then catch a flight to Pohang.
Another option is to take a KTX train(heading for Busan or Dongdaegu, from 07:13 to 22:15, and taking roughly 1 hour 50 min.) at Seoul station, and change at Dongdaegu station either to a limousine bus (hourly, from 09:30 to 20:30, and taking i hour 10 min.) or to a slow train to Pohang.
You can find the train schedule at Korail.

In Pohang

It turns out that the Postech shuttle bus doesn't operate on saturday, sunday and public holidays. So if you arrive at the airport, bus terminals, or train station, take a taxi to Postech (say to the driver, "Gong Dae" followed by "Guk Che Gwan", or show the driver these directions in Korean.

For more information

Contact us:

2 Accommodations and Venue

Hotel Posco International Center on campus (campus map):
- No. 20 in the map, a single room costs 70,400won(73USD approx.), a twin room costs 118,800won(123USD approx.) per night, tax inclusive. Breakfast(buffet) costs 12,000won(13USD approx.) at Cafeteria D'MEDLEY in the hotel.
* To make things easier, we ask you to stay at Posco IC. There will be some limited amount of financial support available, so please contact us if you need.

3 Tentative Schedule

We expect participants to arrive before reception(19:00) on June 22 and to leave after lunch on June 27. On each day from Monday to Thursday, we will have morning session (09:00 - 12:00), lunch break (12:00 - 14:00), and afternoon session (14:00 - 18:00, with a short coffee break). On Wednesday, we will make a short tour to an old village during the afternoon session and have dinner (with Dongdongju) in Gyeongju. On Friday, there will be a wrap-up session (09:00 - 12:00) and lunch.

4 Organizing Committee

Hee-Kap Ahn (POSTECH, Korea. Chair)
Otfried Cheong (KAIST, Korea)
Antoine Vigneron (INRA, France)

5 Confirmed Participants

Hee-Kap Ahn* (POSTECH) / Lars Arge* (Aarhus U.) / Boris Aronov* (Polytechnic U.) / Tetsuo Asano* (JAIST) / Sang Won Bae* (KAIST)
Siu-Wing Cheng* (HKUST) / Otfried Cheong* (KAIST) / Vida Dujmovic* (Carleton U.) / Xavier Goaoc* (LORIA) / Herman Haverkort* (TU Eindhoven)
Andreas Holmsen* (KAIST) / Christian Knauer* (FU Berlin) / Stefan Langerman* (U. Libre de Bruxelles) / Pat Morin* (Carleton U.)
Iris Reinbacher* (KAIST) / Chan-Su Shin* (HUFS) / Jack Snoeyink* (UNC) / Takeshi Tokuyama* (Tohoku U.)
Antoine Vigneron* (INRA) / Sascha (Alex) Wolff* (TU Eindhoven)
Some graduate students from KAIST(Hyo-Sil Kim, Mira Lee, Chang-ryeol Lee, Jeong-Hyeon Park) and POSTECH(Sang-Sub Kim, Wan-Bin Son) will join.

6 Previous workshops

2007 at Dagstuhl, Germany.
2006 at Dagstuhl, Germany.
2005 at Kanazawa, Japan.
2004 at Dagstuhl, Germany.
2003 at Seoul, South Korea.
2002 at Jeju Island, South Korea.
1999 at Barbados.
1998 at Kanazawa and Ishikawa, Japan.
1997 at HKUST, Hong Kong.
1995 at POSTECH, South Korea.

7 Sponsors

Educational Institute of Future Information Technology, POSTECH

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