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Seoul Workshop on Computational Geometry 2003


This workshop, which will bring together about 16 researchers, will consist of short talks (30 mins) in the morning, and time for research discussions in the afternoon. It will take place in the Academy House at the entrance of Mt. BukHan national park, where we have booked accomodation and a seminar room. We will be able to enjoy short hikes or walks in the park during the 2-hour after-lunch break.

The Academy House (, Korean only) is a short taxi ride from the Seoul subway. You would be expected to arrive on Sunday afternoon or evening, and to leave on Friday afternoon. The cost of accomodations will be born by us, but we will charge a registration fee(USD 130) to cover the cost of meals.




































Progress Session


Research Discussions

Research Discussions



Lunch / Free time



 Research Discussions


 Research Discussions









 Evening Chat



You're expected to arrive at Acadamy House in the afternoon or evening on 24th August. There'll be reception at the Hotel as scheduled above (7 pm, August 24).









Travel Information  









Here is a map of the Academy house from SuYu (Line 4 / blue) subway station. Print out this map and show it to taxi drive when you take taxi in Seoul.

Travel from Incheon Airport

There is a limousine bus service at bus stops 4A and 10A heading for
Dobong (Nowon / Seongbuk), which starts at 05:40 up to 22:05 everyday. The bus leaves approximately every 20 minutes. You can purchase a bus ticket at ticket boxes near the bus stop. A one-way ticket costs 11,000 won. The bus stops at Sofia Hotel in 110 min. You better ask to the driver for your destination. From Sofia Hotel, you can take a taxi to the Academy House, which costs more or less 3,000 won.

Travel from SuYu Station (Line 4, blue)

There is a bus (No. 423, at exit 4) heading for the Academy House.


 Other Information  


























Contact :

  • Hee-Kap Ahn (, mobile 011-90163988)
  • Chan-Su Shin (, mobile 016-7883418)
  • Academy House (+82-2-993-6181)

 Organized by Hee-Kap Ahn, Otfried Cheong, Chan-Su Shin