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Hee-Kap Ahn

Hee-Kap 2019

Professor - Mueunjae Chair Professor
Dept. Computer Science and Engineering
(Adjunct professor in the Dept. Mathematics)
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Building 2, Room 231
77 Cheongam-Ro, Nam-Gu, Pohang
Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, ZIP: 37673
email 'firstname without hyphen'
phone +82 54 279 2387 fax +82 54 279 2299

Scientific interest

Academic Activities

Selected Publications ( full list )


Algorithms (CSED331)
Advanced Algorithms (CSED536)
Discrete and Computational Geometry (CSED508/MATH570)


POSTECHIAN Essay (pdf) / 매일경제 인터뷰 / SSTD2009 Best paper / Algorithmic Audio-Visual Art
금요일에 과학터치 / 과학동아 / 수학동아 스페셜
The Church tree / Mathematics Genealogy
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